Showcasing Konstantin Kiriakov's first Illustrated book Birds' Haven.

Konstantin Kiriakov, a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and illustrator

Shot for Shot



*Unfortunately this project remains unfinished.

Film Noir is most readily understood as a visual style in cinema. This rotoscoped animated short attempts to connote the ideas and essence of the filmic style. It incorporates the distinctive soundtrack, angular composition, and highly patterned frames to create the claustrophobic and neon-lit city scape. The femme-fatale introduces the detective into the corrupt world of sleazy hotels, rigged games, and dubious characters. As the detective navigates these sinister, smoke-filled city streets, he realizes the illusion of “The American Dream” and the reality of The American Nightmare.

Directed by:

Konstantin Kiriakov


Megan Harries,

Teo Kiriakov,

Konstantin Kiriakov


Jonathan Harnik


Charles-Antoine Solis,

Dan Garmon,

Mike Demas,

Ryan Kelly

Recording Engineer:

Benjamin Smith

Sound Design:

Daniel Kaga

Sound Mix:

Tim Horlor


© Konstantin Kiriakov