Reindeer in Here

  • TV Special
  • Art Director
  • Jam filled Entertainment

  • Reindeer in Here is the film counterpart to the award-winning book of the same name. This charming hour long special expands on the book’s explored themes and traditions, and sets out to explain their origins. As the Art Director I was responsible for establishing and maintaining the film’s visual style from concept to final delivery; this included characters, locations, props, colour, modelling, surfacing, lighting and effects.


    One of the biggest challenges in this production was to create a world that is unique and novel, yet instantly recognizable and in keeping with what we have collectively established as “Classic Christmas". The solution was to create a visual language based off of the international style Art Nouveau. With this as our base, we were able to create something that feels familiar and historically rich while keeping it culturally vague and otherworldly. Working closely with the film’s director, Lino DiSalvo, my team and I set out to create story driven designs that mirror and accentuate the emotional beats of the film.